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Pretty Jessica Cocktail

Bartender James MacWilliams updates Harry Cradock’s classic, the English Rose, with the addition of Cherry Heering and an egg white.

2 oz. gin
1 oz. Cognac
1 oz. apricot liqueur
1 oz. dry vermouth
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz. Cherry Heering
1 fresh egg white (pasteurized if you’d like)
Tools: Hawthorn strainer, shaker
Glass: cocktail
Garnish: Peychaud’s bitters

Remove the coil from the Hawthorn strainer and place it in the bottom of the shaker. Add the egg white and shake for 15 seconds. Remove the coil, rinse and place back on the strainer. Add remaining ingredients to the shaker and shake hard for additional 15 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with several drops of Peychaud’s bitters.

James MacWilliams, Canlis Restaurant, Seattle


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