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Perfect Prescription

The Perfect Prescription is basically a mash-up between a Prescription Julep & a Perfect Manhattan. The Rye/Cognac/Jamaica Rum flavor combination in the Prescription Julep is one of the great flavor triumvirates in mixology. The drink was inspired by the Spacemen 3 album “The Perfect Prescription.”

¼ oz dry vermouth
¾ oz Carpano Antica vermouth
¾ oz. Cognac
1¼ oz. rye whiskey
½ tsp Jamaican rum
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash Peychaud’s bitters
2 drops salt solution
Tools: mixing glass, strainer, barspoon
Glass: Nick & Nora
Garnish: lemon peel

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Stir, and strain into a chilled Nick and Nora glass. Garnish.

Salt solution: Combine 1 tsp. of kosher salt with 9 tsp. of water. Stir until the salt has dissolved. Store in a bottle with a dropper.

Christy Pope and Chad Solomon, Midnight Rambler, Dallas, TX

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