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Pear Garnish How-To

Garnishes are that final critical step in crafting a perfect cocktail. Citrus twists are fun and easy, but sometimes a drink calls for a dressier adornment. If you’re willing to experiment, you can use just about any kind of fruit to decorate your drinks, but when fresh pears are in season, they offer a perfect palate for creativity. Here, Portland bartender Kelley Swenson shows how to make a couple of unique pear granishes.

Pear Fan:

Step 1
Slice a pear in quarters around the core. Cut 4 very thin slices.

Step 2
Keeping slices close together, fan the slices out like feathers. Dunk garnish in an ice bath of lemon juice and rose water to prevent browning.

Pear Rose:

Step 1
With a paring knife, peel a red bartlett pear to 2–3 millimeters thick.

Step 2
Wrap the peel around your index finger.
Step 3
Push the center of the peel outwards, creating a rose shape. Spear the rose and dunk it in an ice bath of lemon juice and rose water.

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