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Nacho Cocktail from Bar Amá

A ­chili ­pepper–flecked­ shrub­ adds­ a­ tangy, ­sweet ­heat­ to ­this ­taco-ready­ tequila­ drink by Bar Amá.


  • 2­ oz. ­blanco ­tequila
  • 1/2­ oz.­ Campari
  • 3/4 oz. ­chili-lime­ shrub
  • 1/2­ oz.­ fresh­ lime ­juice
  • 1/2 oz. ­fresh ­lemon­ juice
  • 1/2 oz. ­rich­ honey ­syrup­ (3:1)
  • ___________________
  • Chili-Lime Shrub
  • 3 ­limes,­ sliced
  • 2 ­cups ­apple­ cider­ vinegar
  • large­ pinch­ of­ toasted­ chili­ flakes
  • 2 ­cups­ granulated ­sugar
  • pinch­ of­ salt
  • Tools:shaker
  • Glass:rocks


Combine­ all ­of the ingredients­ in ­a ­shaker,­ shake ­with ­ice­, then ­pour­ unstrained­ into­ a­ rocks ­glass.

Chili-Lime ShrubCombine­ the­ limes,­ vinegar ­and­ chili­ in ­a ­covered­ container­ and ­let­ sit­ at­ room ­temperature ­for ­2-5­ days­ until ­level ­of ­desired­ spiciness­ is­ reached. ­Place ­the ­mixture­ in ­a­ medium­ saucepan­ (reserve ­the ­container­ with ­any ­chili ­flakes ­that ­have­ settled, ­as­ you ­will ­pour ­the ­final­ shrub ­back ­into­ this),­ add­ sugar ­and­ bring ­to ­a ­boil ­over ­medium-high­ heat. ­Remove ­from ­heat ­and ­remove­ the ­limes ­(do ­not­ strain ­out ­the ­chili­ flakes). ­Pour ­the ­shrub ­back­ into ­the­ original­ container,­ and ­let ­cool ­to­ room ­ temperature. Keep ­refrigerated ­for ­up­ to ­2 ­weeks.­

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