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Momma’s Breakfast Smoked Cocktail

smoke cocktail

mommas-breakfast-vertical-crdt-tkCocktails incorporating smoked ingredients can be a tad fussy, but this one is relatively easy to make at home.

2 oz. rum (Sanctuary T. uses Afrohead Briland 2007 )
2 oz. cold-brew coffee
1 oz. cinnamon syrup
3-4 dashes Fee Brothers’ cardamom bitters
Large pinch whole cloves
Tools: lighter, shaker tin, strainer
Glass: snifter

With a lighter or blowtorch on a cast-iron plate, carefully burn a large pinch of cloves until they’re smoking heavily. Quickly flip a chilled snifter onto the smoking cloves. While the glass fills with smoke, in a mixing tin, combine all the ingredients and fill with ice. Shake hard and double-strain into the smoking glass.

Ben Paré, Sanctuary T, New York City


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