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Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Aguamiel_CREDIT StuLooking to celebrate the 5th of May with more than a Margarita? Here are 12 cocktails honoring two of Mexico’s most delicious native spirits.

This drink combines two ingredients that have a special affinity for tequila: the tropical richness of pineapple syrup and the bitter bite of an Italian amaro.


Añejo Smash
Aged tequila gets a splash of minty freshness in this frosty drink from Manhattan’s Viktor & Spoils.



Café de la Mañana
Tequila-spiked coffee? You betcha! This coffee cocktail from The Saint Social Club in Seattle, is perfect for livening up an ordinary cup of joe.

Corzo Holly
Reposado tequila blends beautifully with fresh strawberries, lime, basil and balsamic vinegar in this springtime sipper.

El Diablo
This classic is an exercise in delicious simplicity.

Oaxacan Ice Water
Combining mezcal with citrus and agave nectar, this simple cocktail is as refreshing as it sounds.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little different than a Margarita but just as refreshing, this Mexican cooler has you covered.

Red Pepper Daisy
John Lermayer amps up the iconic pairing of reposado tequila and lime juice with the vegetal flavor of red bell pepper in this simple variant on the classic Daisy.

This slightly bitter cocktail shows how complex a cocktail can be, even when it’s made with fairly basic ingredients.

Smokey Negroni
An Italian classic gets a Mexican makeover in this winsome aperitif from Texas bar owner, Rob Pate.

Tequila and Sage Smash
This combo of tequila, sage, honey and lemon was made for springtime sipping.

Tijuana Trick
Sunny Los Angeles gets some south-of-the-border inspiration in this bright and citrusy reposado cocktail.

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