November’s Where to Drink Now: Twelve Mile Limit

During Prohibition, the twelve-mile limit became the distance alcohol had to remain offshore of U.S. soil and, conveniently enough, the name of a rather potent drink. As a nod to both, 27-year-old barman Cole Newton opened this namesake bar in New Orleans just last week. Somewhat off the radar in Nola’s mostly residential Mid-City neighborhood, Newton has created a spot where you can get, “amazing craft cocktails, but at dive bar prices,” he says. Newton spent the past two years managing the bar program at Coquette Bistro, where he crafted cocktails with homemade ingredients and artisanal spirits but found that while “a lot of us bartenders want to drink those same things,” he says, “we don’t always want to do it in those same places.” Local bartenders are indeed finding a home at Twelve Mile Limit, but all sorts of other imbibers are also settling in comfortably at the bar while Newton mixes the bar’s namesake cocktail, as well as a few other original concoctions, all for around six bucks. Add in plates of Texas-style barbecue, a pool table and a few rotating craft brews, and this is one twelve-mile limit you won’t want to stray from.

Coordinates: 500 S. Telemachus St., New Orleans; no phone or website