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Drink of the Week: Nguyen Coffee Supply’s Canned Coconut Cold Brew

Cold coffee enthusiasts and hot coffee drinkers are not one in the same. It’s a fact. As a fan of the latter, I tend to avoid the tart bursts of citrus that are common in cold brews, but for Nguyen Coffee Supply’s canned coconut cold brew, I’ll happily make an exception.

Nguyen Coffee Supply canned cold brew is a rich and smooth (and dairy-free) drinking experience. Made with Vietnamese robusta beans, the product is an homage to Cà Phê Dừa, a traditional coconut coffee ubiquitous to the streets of Hanoi and Saigon. However, this rendition is much less sweet than the traditional. At just 7 grams of sugar, the coconut milk adds a subtle nutty flavor, along with a gentle sweetness that lifts the body of the brew. It lends a velvety texture, and the taste is reminiscent of single-origin chocolate. However, for those who want a sweeter drink similar to the beloved Cà Phê sữa đá, Nguyen Coffee Supply’s canned cold brew also comes as a version with condensed milk. At 11 grams of sugar, it’s just as crushable as the coconut coffee.

Nguyen Coffee Supply’s products are mission-driven, a concerted (and delicious) effort to uplift the narrative of Vietnamese robusta coffee. As the brand continues to evolve and innovate, I’m excited to see what else they have in store from an origin country that has been historically overlooked in the specialty-coffee world. $24/6-pack, nguyencoffeesupply.com

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