Mixing Brandy Cocktails With Jillian Vose of NYC’s Dead Rabbit

The award-winning Dead Rabbit in New York City is known for its inventive cocktails, and beverage director Jillian Vose is behind many of the bar’s most memorable creations. “Inspiration comes in many different forms,” she say, “whether it be farmer’s markets, spice shops, something nostalgic, or new products like BERTOUX that inspire you to create exciting things for your guests and for yourself.” Check out the video above to find out what Vose looks for when choosing new products like BERTOUX Brandy and watch as she mixes a Watch Tower, which combines BERTOUX with crème de pêche, citrus, Irish whiskey and greek yogurt. “When I first tried BERTOUX I was really excited to use it because of its versatility,” Vose adds. “You could clearly see that the people that created it made it so that it was great for making cocktails.”