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Keeping Tabs on Kickstarter

Photo: Paul Adams
In need of some inspiration? Take a quick browse through the latest projects on Kickstarter where there’s plenty of creativity flowing. Here are five drink-related projects we’re watching at the moment: 

Dave Arnold, founder and president of the new non-profit, not-yet brick-and-mortar Museum of Food and Drink, is looking to fund the museums’ first exhibit, BOOM!. The exhibit—which tells the story of the emergence of industrial food production through the lens of breakfast cereal—will begin as a pop-up in New York City and, if they can raise more than their $80,000 goal, it will tour around the country. Click hereto learn more.

Portland writer and bartender Jacob Grier is looking to fund his next book, Cocktails on Tap. About three years ago, Grier and his friends hosted their first beer cocktails event in Portland and went on to produce similar events around the country, and he noticed that not only were people responding well to the drinks, but beer cocktails were popping up on lots of menus. The book will bring together Grier’s original beer-centric recipes as well as those of bartenders around the country. Click here to learn more. 

Creator Carey Bonn was inspired to create the Alaya brewer after a surfing trip to Costa Rica. Mornings spent chasing waves were followed by strong coffee brewed the local way—in a chorreador de café, a simple contraption involving a wooden stand and a cotton, sock-like filter. The Alaya brings modern, minimalistic design and a delicate organic cotton filter to this old-school brewing technique, and Bonn describes it as the “anti-automatic coffee machine.” Judgeing by the production quality of his video, the San Francisco-based project is sure to be carried out with style, should it reach its $25,000 goal. Click here to learn more.

Lee and Karen Cooper want to teach Bostonians about craft beer while cultivating community. Hopsters will be a brewery and pub, but it also has a larger mission. Lee, a Brit, hopes to build a sense of conviviality around the beer and brewery that reflects that of the pubs of his homeland. Guests will schedule times to stop by and, with the Cooper’s help, brew their own beer. They are still about $30,000 shy of their goal, but the project has until August 9. Click here to learn more.  

This already-operating non-profit coffee bar in Wahiawa, Hawaii, is seeking help with the purchase of a new espresso machine. They serve Stumptown coffee and want to be able to do justice to the single-origin beans, but their current system has neared the end of its life. As they put it, “We need a workhorse, and that means a La Marzocco Linea.” A water filtration system and a better grinder are also on the list—all to keep the coffee flowing at this beloved, volunteer-run, community café. Click here to learn more.  

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