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Imbibe’s June Kickstarter Campaign Watch

Every few weeks, we check in with the latest drinks-related projects that are looking to raise funds on Kickstarter. Here are five of our current favorites. 

The Bartender’s Tool Roll is exactly what it sounds like. The brainchild of Seattle bartender Mike McSorley and designer Malia Peoples, this tool roll has already seen small-scale success on Etsy, and now, Mike and Malia are ready to take their American-made canvas tool roll to the next level. With just a few days to go, they’re nearly to their $9,000 goal. Click here for more info.
Billing itself as a “craft brew incubator”, the Crooked Bottle would be an extension of Portland’s already-existing Homebrew Exchange. Aside from producing some delicious small-batch beers, the Crooked Bottle aims to be a community gathering space for locals, with a family-friendly patio and a small food cart. At $12,000, they are nearly halfway to their goal with just over a week to go. Want to donate? Click here for more info.
What happens when a product designer becomes passionate about craft cocktails? He dreams up a way to streamline the mixing process. After realizing that many classic cocktail recipes are formulaic, Marcus Wang set out to create a three-in-one measuring tool and, when combined with a pint glass, it becomes a cocktail shaker. Many months of testing to find just the right size for each of the three compartments so as to ensure that the widest range of cocktails could be made resulted in the prototype shown now on Kickstarter. With two weeks to go, the ReJigger still has a lot of fundraising to do. Click here for more info.  
File this innovative project under ‘unbelievably cool’. Two graduate students in Portland, Ore. watch Prohibition, the Ken Burns documentary, and are inspired to dive deeper into the world of rum-running in the Pacific Northwest. Their mutual fascination has manifested itself in the form of a fully sketched out, five-part comic book series that “infuses elements of folktale and urban noir.” Watch their terrific video to get a feel for the series, and donate just $8 to get a free PDF download of the completed first issue. Click here for more info.
This small, family-run kombucha operation in Iowa is ready to scale up, and they need your help! Their organic, living kombucha is already available on tap throughout Iowa, and they’re looking to give their organic, barely sweetened root beer the same treatment. They’d also like to expand their already-popular kombucha line by introducing a wider variety of seasonal flavors. Click here for more info. 

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