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Imbibe 75 Person to Watch: Tiquette Bramlett

When Tiquette Bramlett had her first glass of Oregon Pinot Noir, she felt like the wine was telling her a story and inviting her to learn more. But as she pursued a career in wine, she quickly learned that it was the creativity of a winemaker and their expression of the land that she most admired and appreciated.

The Willamette Valley is the crown jewel of Oregon’s wine country, with more than 600 wineries and over a dozen grape varieties planted. Last May, Bramlett was named president of Vidon Vineyard—the first Black woman chosen to operate a winery in a major U.S. wine region—and today she says among the biggest lessons she’s learned is the value of self-care. “It’s been easy to go all in on something that I’m passionate about and want to grow into, which doesn’t allow space to restore my mind and body,” she says. “Because I make my self-care a priority, I’m able to be present for others and keep dreaming for more.”

In 2020 she also founded Our Legacy Harvested, an organization designed to empower and educate Black and brown professionals within the wine industry. For its second annual fundraiser, OLH hosted a BIPOC Block Party in McMinnville and welcomed community members to support BIPOC vintners, brewers, artisans, food vendors, and performers. This year, the goal is to introduce even more Black and brown wine professionals to the magnificence that is the Willamette Valley, encouraging them to stay the course as they build their careers in this industry. “You are one of a kind. Lay out what you envision and know that it’s okay to repurpose your plans along the way,” she says. “Keep evolving, stay focused on the craft, and believe in yourself.”

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