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Bols Genever Returns to Negroni Week With the Red Light Negroni & Support for the USBG

red light negroni
Lucas Bols USA, an official sponsor of Negroni Week 2019, has announced that it will donate 100% of profits from on-premise sales of Bols Genever during Negroni Week to the USBG’s Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. This program provides financial assistance to qualified bartenders, bar backs, and bar servers in times of need resulting from a catastrophic event or an emergency hardship. “There are so many bartenders in our industry who give of themselves every day and night to make our lives better,” says Bols Genever USA Brand Manager Gilles Bensabeur, “Many of them are not able to afford sufficient health coverage much less the expenses that can be associated with catastrophic life events. The USBG is to be commended for creating an initiative that supports them and their families in times of need and it’s our honor to contribute to that cause.”

Many of the bars that carry Bols Genever during Negroni Week will feature the Red Light Negroni, an equal-parts combination of Bols Genever, Campari and sweet vermouth served in a custom light bulb decanter. The Red Light Negroni is a cheeky homage to the Red-light District in Amsterdam, the birthplace over 350 years ago of Bols Genever.

This is the second consecutive year that Lucals Bols USA has sponsored Negroni Week. “Watching Negroni fever grow over the last handful of years has been an absolute revelation,” said Bensabeur. “Imbibe has obviously been instrumental in that growth, and we’re extremely proud to sponsor Negroni Week and, hopefully, introduce Bols Genever to an even broader audience. That we get to do so to the benefit of such worthy charitable organizations makes it all the more worthwhile.”

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