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Drink of the Week: Wonderbird Spirits Gin No. 61

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is “What’s your favorite cocktail?” This is exceedingly difficult to answer, and I usually cheat by saying it’s the one I’m currently drinking. However, I will admit a long-held partiality to gin, so I’m always excited when a new bottle hits my desk. I read about the Wonderbird Spirits Gin and was intrigued even before it arrived. The notion of spirits reflecting their terroir, as wine does, is increasingly part of the conversation, and the gin from Wonderbird is an interesting example.

Launched in 2019 by Thomas Alexander, Rob Forster, and Chand Harlow, Wonderbird Spirits is based in north Mississippi and makes experimental gins utilizing local ingredients. While the bulk of gins on the market are made with a neutral grain spirit as the base, Wonderbird ferments Jasmine rice grown in the Mississippi Delta. The botanical bill of their flagship Gin No. 61 includes standard additions like juniper and citrus as well as ingredients harvested from the distillery grounds like red clover and pine needles. The resulting gin is bright and crisp but with a distinct creaminess to the mouthfeel. It would be lovely in a classic Martini with a nice, buttery olive, or in whatever your favorite (gin) cocktail happens to be. $48.99, see wonderbirdspirits.com for shipping or distribution.

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