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Drink of the Week: Tippleman’s Honey Ginger Syrup

tipplemans ginger honey syrupWhen is a syrup not so simple? When it’s today’s Drink of the Week. Tippleman’s—the latest line of cocktail-ready sweeteners from MariElena and Joe Raya, the duo behind Charleston’s The Gin Joint cocktail bar and the Bittermilk brand of cocktail mixers—recently introduced it’s new line of syrups in flavors like burnt sugar, lemon oleo saccharum, barrel-smoked maple and our current obsession, ginger honey. Made with organic wildflower honey sourced from Dutch Gold Honey Co. in Pennsylvania, fresh-pressed ginger juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper, in small batches of 1,500 bottles at a time, it adds a sweet, peppery spice to cocktails, especially when mixed with bourbon, aged tequila and rye, but it’s dynamic enough to hold its own in iced teas, lemonade and even mocktails like a virgin Moscow Mule. $20, tipplemans.com

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