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Drink of the Week: Kimino Yuzu Sparkling

For centuries, yuzu has been prized in Japan for its unique flavor. The citrus resembles a small, rough-skinned orange but is distinctly sour with a flavor that’s compared to a cross between lime and grapefruit. But the real magic is found in the fruit’s fragrance, which is almost intoxicatingly floral. (The Japanese even prepare traditional hot baths for the winter solstice that utilize the fruit’s aromatic properties). San Francisco-based company Kimino has captured the essence of the fruit in a delicate sparkling beverage. Brightly tart with a lush floral fragrance, the Kimino Yuzu Sparkling is made in Japan from whole, fresh-pressed yuzu fruit mixed with sparkling water and cane sugar. Delightfully refreshing on its own, the Kimino Yuzu is just a splash of gin away from being a premade Tom Collins. Initially launched in Japan in 2017 before hitting the U.S. and select international markets, the sparkler is now available to order through the Kimino website. $24/six-pack, kiminodrinks.com


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