Brandy Milk Punch Recipe

brandy-milk punch-recipe-crdt-lara-ferroniBrandy Milk Punch has long been a holiday staple in Louisiana—and thanks to the New Orleans restaurants run by the Brennan family, it’s now a brunch standard, too. This is the bar’s classic Brandy Milk Punch recipe, but feel free to swap bourbon or rum for brandy (or use a mix), and you can temper the drink’s richness by substituting whole milk or half-and-half for some or all of the cream.

2 oz. whole milk
2 oz. cream
1 ½ oz. brandy
1 oz. simple syrup
½ tsp. vanilla extract
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: wine glass or coupe
Garnish: fresh-grated nutmeg

Shake with ice to chill, strain into chilled glass. Garnish.

Brennan’s, New Orleans