Boxed Wine: 6 to Try

As writer Sarah Karnasiewicz explores in the November/December 2017 issue, with sales of boxed wines continuing to climb, the quality of these wines is getting noticeably better. Just in time for holiday entertaining, here are six great options she recommends seeking out.

wine-boxed-archer roose pour-vertical-rgb-crdt michael piazza

From the Tank Vin Rouge (Côtes du Rhône)
This sophisticated Rhône blend uses hand-harvested grapes and is produced without added enzymes or yeasts, yielding a wine that’s ripe and juicy, with subtle hints of smoke. Try it with sausages, lamb or a holiday roast. $34/3 liters,

La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet 2016
This underappreciated white from France’s Languedoc region has a crisp, bone-dry minerality that’s delicious on its own or delightful paired with cheese, shellfish or roasted poultry. $34/3 liters,

Archer Roose Carménère
Rich and plummy with a plush finish, this South American classic is sourced from a family-run vineyard in Chile’s storied Colchagua Valley and pairs perfectly with smoked meats, steaks and sharp cheeses. $35/3 liters,

VRAC Côtes du Rhône
A fresh, light, expertly balanced red that’s terrifically easy to drink. Its Old World personality suits everything from game to ripe cheeses and roasted meat. $35/3 liters,

Cantina Valpantena Garganega
The name might be a mouthful, but Garganega isn’t as exotic as it sounds: it’s the main grape in the classic white wine Soave from the Veneto region. Gently fruity and round, though never flabby, it has enough body to stand up to food but also makes an excellent aperitif. $24/3 liters,

Bridge Lane White Merlot
Notes of citrus burst from this wine made from whole-cluster pressed Merlot grapes. Once pressed, the juice has limited contact with the grapes’ red skins, giving the wine a pale pink color. $38/3 liters,