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5 Things You Never Knew About Jeffrey Morgenthaler

As one of the country’s most well known bartenders, Jeffrey Morgenthaler and his cocktails have been featured in countless magazine, blogs and websites, and when he’s not behind the bar at Portland, Ore.’s Clyde Common, he’s busy updating Jeffreymorgenthaler.com or traveling the world to judge cocktail competitions. He’s spent many a bar shift hearing about the personal lives of his patrons, but here are a few things you might be surprised to learn about Morgenthaler himself.

1. “I have an associate’s degree in physics and a bachelor’s in interior architecture.”

2. “I spent the summer of ’91 in Budapest studying Hungarian baroque architecture.”

3. “A Martini is my least favorite thing in the world to drink.”

4. “I drive a beautifully restored 1964 Vespa 150 scooter.”

5. “My favorite movie is The Sound of Music, and I can sing every song by heart.”

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