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5 Cocktails to Celebrate National Bourbon Day

Bufala Negra photo: Jeff Moore of Garnish Food Photography

It’s National Bourbon Day? We’ll drink to that! As America’s unofficial spirit, bourbon is as approachable a whiskey as they come thanks to its subtly sweet 51-percent (or more) corn content and gentle spice from new charred oak barrel aging. Thirsty yet? Here are five bourbon-rich cocktails we’ll be mixing up to celebrate.

Summer-fresh strawberries and a sprig of thyme get muddled into this bourbony refresher. 
Bourbon, orgeat and bitters—mixing cocktails doesn’t get any easier than this. 
Kick your feet up with this breezy mix of bourbon, lavender syrup and citrus. 
A cousin to the classic Negroni, this sultry bourbon sipper first saw print in Harry McElhone’s 1927 bar guide, Barflies and Cocktails
Bufala Negra (pictured)
Bourbon, basil, balsamic and ginger beer—these four “b’s” of the Bufala Negra cocktail deserve an A+ in deliciousness.

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