Porch Punch

porch-bourbon-punchPlanning some warm-weather entertaining? This bourbon punch will become a perennial party favorite.

2 liters bourbon
1 oz. orange bitters (Goglia uses Regans’)
½ oz. orange flower water
5 liters boiling water
1 liter granulated sugar
30 grams Earl Grey tea (or 12 teabags)
10 grams mint tea (or 4 teabags)
Fresh lime juice, as needed

Combine the boiling water, teas and sugar. Stir and let steep for 5-7 minutes. Fine-strain and let cool to room temperature. Add remaining ingredients and refrigerate.

For each serving, pour 6 oz. of Porch Punch into an ice-filled Collins glass and add ½ oz. of fresh lime juice. Garnish with several fresh mint sprigs and slices of lemon and lime.

Julian Goglia, The Pinewood Tippling Room, Decatur, Georgia