Inside Look: Breckenridge Brewery

As the craft brewing industry grows, brewers continue to look for ways to rise above the status quo. Making good beer is a given, but now some of the more well-established breweries are looking to architecture and design to differentiate themselves even more. It’s a natural progression, as more beer drinkers become interested in the behind-the-scenes action and more of them travel to visit their favorite breweries around the country.

One of the latest companies to join this trend is Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery. After deciding to expand to a new location about three years ago, they realized they needed to up the ante on aesthetics in order to stay relevant, and they hired Coburn Partners to lead the design. Principal Peter Weber emphasizes the importance of designing a memorable environment that also reflects the brewery’s ethos and style.

“If the place has an impact on you, if it’s a nice experience, you’re going to take that with you the next time you’re staring at a cooler at the liquor store,” Weber says.

The firm designed the new facilities to reflect local culture and brewing’s natural connection to the land. The new brewery features three main buildings on a 12-acre plot near the South Platte River, and they’re designed to look like rural barns and ranch houses. There’s a restaurant and tap room on site that incorporates reclaimed wood, residential-style windows and a big wrap-around porch to emphasize the homey farmstead feel. The brewhouse itself was designed with tours in mind, so a second-story catwalk offers guests a close-up glimpse of the action without interfering with the operations below.

Check out photos of the brewery in the gallery above. Beer started flowing at the end of May, but the facilities officially open to the public for tours on Father’s Day.