Ivan Drago’s Fernet Mule

Named after Rocky Balboa’s foe in “Rocky IV,” Ivan Drago’s Mule packs a big punch of flavor by combining bold Fernet with firey ginger beer. “Fernet is wonderfully herbal and slightly cooling, while our homemade ginger beer is on the spicy, hotter side,” says Crave Fishbar bar manager Adam Pribila. The drink—a Moscow Mule riff—is the bar’s best-selling cocktail. “You might think the weight of Fernet could bog down the cocktail, but it actually brings a fantastic body and texture.”

1½ oz. Fernet-Branca
¾ oz. fresh lime juice
Top with ginger beer (Crave uses a housemade version, but Pribila also recommends Fever Tree)
Tools: barspoon
Glass: copper mug
Garnish: lime wedge and (optional) candied ginger

Combine the Fernet-Branca and lime juice in an ice-filled mug. Top with ginger beer, then garnish.

Adam Pribila, Crave Fishbar, NYC