Herb Cocktails

Artemis_StuartMullenbergWhen summer arrives, it brings a bounty of fresh herbs that just beg to be mixed in an array of drinks. Here are 10 of our favorite herb cocktails.

A Walk in the Garden

True to its name, this cocktail made with celery juice and fennel-infused gin, and garnished with a bright slice of star fruit, looks as refreshing as it tastes.

Anejo Smash

Aged tequila gets a splash of minty freshness in this frosty drink from Manhattan’s Viktor & Spoils.

Artemis Flower (pictured)

Named after the goddess of the hunt, this herbal, spiked twist on classic strawberry limeade balances the richness from the bourbon and sambuca with summery strawberry and thyme.

Blueberry Boat Recipe

Thai basil adds an herby kick to this summery cocktail from Minneapolis bartender Pip Hanson.

Bufala Negra Cocktail

Bourbon and fresh basil meet the tart and tangy cocktail from H. Harper Station barman Jerry Slater combining balsamic syrup and ginger beer.

Dill Paloma

Grapefruit soda makes a great cocktail mixer, adding acidity, sweetness and slight effervescence to a finished drink. For this refreshing summer cooler, Las Perlas general manager, Raul Yrastorza, combines the tangy soda with blanco tequila, fresh dill and muddled cucumber.

East Aspen Heights

An herb-infused simple syrup amplifies the herbaceousness of gin and Chartreuse in this berry- and pear-studded sipper.

Lowcountry Cocktail

Old Tom gin takes center stage in this delicious cocktail from bartender Brandon Wise, with Fernet-Branca, ginger beer and homemade peppercorn syrup adding just a hint of spice.

Tequila and Sage Smash

Unlike most drinks that rely on very precise measurements, “a smash lets you feel your way around the drink,” says San Francisco bartender Erik Adkins. The amount of honey syrup you use will depend on the size and acidity of the lemons. “This cocktail should be rich with a strong midpalate, not bright and tart like a sour.”

The Tom Nichol

Named in honor of Tanqueray’s Master Distiller, Thomas Nichol, this crisp cocktail uses fresh citrus juices to highlight the citrus notes of Tanqueray 10.