Black Manhattan Recipe

black manhattan recipeCreated by bartender Todd Smith when he worked at San Francisco’s Bourbon & Branch (he’s now at ABV, our 2015 Cocktail Bar of the Year), the Black Manhattan recipe uses Averna in place of sweet vermouth—a move that inspired bartenders around the country to follow suit. It’s like a brooding counterpart to the classic Manhattan.

2 oz. rye whiskey
1 oz. Averna
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash Regans’ Orange Bitters No. 6
Tools: mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
Glass: coupe
Garnish: cherry

Stir well with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass, and garnish with a cocktail cherry.

Reprinted with permission from The Manhattan © 2016 by Philip Greene, Sterling Epicure, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Photography by Max Kelly