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Eric Wolfinger


Three Ways: The Shandy


Craving a cold one? As one of the oldest beer-spiked refreshers, shandies are a long-time favorite of England’s working class. They traditionally combine light beer with lemonade, soda or ginger beer. Here are three easy-drinking variations.



Classic Lemonade Shandy. It doesn't get much easier than this. Simply mix equal parts lemonade and beer (try a pale ale or IPA) and adjust according to taste. You can use store-bought lemonade or for a quick homemade version, combine equal parts honey syrup (1:1) and fresh lemon juice and dilute with water to taste (usually about 3 times the amount of lemon juice).


Belgium Sucker Punch Shandy. For this refresher (pictured), Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen in San Francisco updates the classic formula with a botanical burst of gin. Just add 1 ounce of gin and a ¼ ounce of fresh lemon juice to 10 ounces of a light-bodied Belgian brew, like Duvel, and stir.


Gin-Cassis Shandy. Adapted from the Fowl Friar cocktail at the Fifth Floor in San Francisco, this shandy ups the ante with gin, a quick-infused vermouth and cassis. To start, infuse 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf Earl Grey tea (or 2 teabags) in 375 ml. of blanc-style vermouth for 30 minutes and strain. Then shake together 1 ounce of gin with a ½ ounce each of fresh lemon juice, infused vermouth and crème de cassis with ice. Strain into a footed Pilsner glass and top with 6 ounces of a wheaty white ale.




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