Bet on These Bloody Mary Mixes

bloody mary mixA Bloody Mary made from scratch with fresh ingredients can be one of the best brunch treats, but there are also plenty of bottled Bloody Mary mixes on the market, and there’s a version out there for everyone. Featuring a diverse crop of ingredients ranging from cucumbers to pickle juice to fresh dill, here are the Mary mixes we love.

McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
If you like dill pickles, you’ll love this dynamic Mary mix from Detroit pickle darling McClure’s. Chockfull of spicy, tangy goodness, this mix will leave your mouth watering for another sip. Garden-fresh flavors of ripe tomato, dill and garlic meet a bright, pickle tang, crunchy bits of cucumber, and loads of black and chile pepper heat on the finish. It mixes well with vodka and gin, but we especially love it with beer.

Hoosier Momma
This thick, full-bodied mix packs in loads of fresh tomato, celery and citrus flavors with a serious kick of black and cayenne pepper. It stays nice and thick when mixed in a cocktail, and performs best with vodka, which brings the natural tomato sweetness to the foreground. Just be sure to garnish with a towering skewer of cocktail shrimp, of course.

Fat & Juicy
Roasted veggies, fresh horseradish, tomatoes, a splash of Frank’s RedHot—all these ingredients and more combine for one tasty pre-made Mary that mixes equally well with vodka and tequila—the former amps up the spice factor and the latter the smoke.

Charleston Mix
Vegetarians, look away. This meaty Mary mix combines tangy Worcestershire and a beef broth base with roasted veggies, tomato paste, habanero peppers and cider vinegar for a deeply flavored, spicy drink that mixes especially well with vodka.

San Marzano Get Ripe
This refrigerated Mary mix from two Connecticut-based business partners is as fresh as you can get short of plucking the tomatoes from the vine and squeezing the citrus yourself. Made with fresh produce (including fresh-pressed celery juice, fresh-ground horseradish and California lemons), milled San Marzano tomatoes and a splash of Balsamic vinegar, this Bloody Mary mix is bright and fresh without being overly spicy, and it makes the best virgin Mary of the bunch (though it’s also delicious mixed with vodka).