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Texas Spirits

Go Lone Star-local with these Texas-made distillates.

From vodkas to gins to citrus liqueurs, Texas boasts some serious spirit, and in our Texas Issue (March/April 2013), we tour through the state’s growing distillery scene, highlighting more than a dozen local liquors that currently flavor our glasses. Thirsty for more? Here are seven additional Lone Star spirits that offer up a unique taste of Texas.


Fitch’s Goat Corn Whiskey

Smithville, Texas-based Bone Spirits boasts a full line of “farm to bottle” spirits, with this corn whiskey joining the lineup in 2012. Distilled from organic, Texas-grown corn and barrel-aged before bottling, this whiskey exhibits agave-like aromas with a mix of salty, sweet and smoky flavors and a kick of cinnamon spice on the finish. Clocking in at 97-proof, it’s a good cocktail contender, especially when mixed with citrus and soda.
$36, bonespirits.com

White Hat Rum
South Texas-produced molasses and local spring water form the base of this white rum from South Congress Distillery. It’s assertive, yet agreeable, with notes of cotton candy, green apple and peppery spice. A great buy, and perfect in your next Mojito.

$19, whitehatrum.com


Deep Eddy Vodka
Named after Austin’s oldest spring-fed swimming pool, Deep Eddy first captured tastebuds in 2010 with its honey-kissed sweet tea vodka, and followed a year later with this straight offering. Distilled four times with local corn and water, this vodka is crisp and clean with notes of lemon zest and minerals.
$18, deepeddyvodka.com

Paula’s Texas Lemon
Texas-made limoncello? You bet! Austinite Paula Angerstein launched her liqueur company in 2003 with two Texas-style ‘cellos. We feature her Margarita-friendly Orange in our Texas Issue, and her Lemon is equally dynamic, combining tart lemon juice flavors and herbaceous zest with just the right amount of sugar. Keep it in the freezer and sip after a big meal.
$24, paulastexasspirits.com

Rebecca Creek Texas Whiskey
This whiskey from San Antonio-based Rebecca Creek balances a blend of grains (think corn, barley, wheat and rye) with limestone-filtered water and charred oak aging. Bottled at 80-proof, it’s mellow enough for sipping neat, but sturdy enough to hold up in your favorite whiskey drink.
$30, rebecacreekwhiskey.com for distribution info

Tenneyson Absinthe Royale
Though not technically distilled in the Lone Star State, Texas is the distribution hub for Tenneyson and locals love this adopted absinthe as one of their own. Expect flavors of juniper, wormwood and anise.
$50, tenneyson.com

Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Hye, Texas’ Garrison Brothers Distillery (pictured above) treats bourbon as it would a wine, releasing individual vintages that uniquely express the climate and terroir of a given period in time. Their Fall 2012 release is rich and warming with earthy aromas and a layer of wood smoke and fresh bread.
$70, garrisonbros.com

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