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Long Snake Moan

Long Snake Moan2_CREDIT Doug KeithPhiladelphia’s Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company bartender Mike “Juice” Treffehn hand-chisels his ice spheres for this agave- and spice-forward sipper, but at home, any large ice cube will do.

11/2 oz. reposado tequila
1/2 oz. Averna
1 tsp. agave nectar
1 tsp. Batavia Arrack
2 dashes Bitter Truth Aromatic bitters
Dash Bitter Truth Xocoatl Mole bitters
Tools: mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
Glass: double Old Fashioned
Garnish: orange peel

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice to chill. Strain over one large ice cube into a double Old Fashioned glass. Express the oils from the orange peel over the surface of the drink and then use as a granish.

Mike “Juice” Treffehn, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company, Philadelphia

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