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Cachaça Cocktail: Cabral Fix

Cachaça Cocktail

A vibrant cocktail for fans of cachaça.

This blend of French Suze and Brazilian cachaça emerged from a desire to make a cocktail that would highlight the vegetal notes of the sugarcane spirit. “Suze ended up as an unexpected but delicious accompaniment,” says bartender and bar owner Vincent Chirico. “The agave brought out some more grassy notes, and the cucumber took the refreshing factor up a few steps.”


  • 1½ oz. cachaça
  • ½ oz. Suze
  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  • ½ oz. agave nectar 
  • 2-3 cucumber slices
  • Tools:shaker
  • Glass:highball
  • Garnish:lime zest


Muddle the cucumber, lime, and agave. Add the remaining ingredients, whip shake (a brief shake just to integrate the ingredients), then pour into the glass. Top with crushed ice, then garnish.

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