Porter and Whiskey Hot Toddy

porter hot toddy

A simple porter syrup infuses malty goodness into this whiskey hot toddy. “The strength of the rye is warming on its own, but the richness of the porter syrup and its spices really rounds things out,” says Olmsted bar manager Mike Bohn. “The lemon juice, a core component of a toddy, helps balance the sweetness, and, of course, it’s good for a sore throat!”

1½ oz. high-proof rye whiskey (Olmsted uses Rittenhouse)
¾ oz. porter syrup
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
6 oz. hot water
Tools: barspoon, strainer
Glass: mug
Garnish: dehydrated blood orange wheel and star anise

Porter Syrup
72 oz. porter beer
3 cups granulated sugar
3 cinnamon sticks
1 pinch of cloves
1 handful of allspice berries

Heat the porter until boiling, watching for rising foam from the carbonation, then slowly stir in sugar until dissolved. Reduce the heat to a simmer and then reduce by half. All to cool, then strain into a bottle and refrigerate to store.

Mike Bohn, Olmsted, New York City