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Radio Imbibe Episode 32: Shannon Tebay

The new head bartender for the American Bar at The Savoy London shares her plans for the legendary bar.

Radio Imbibe is the audio home of Imbibe magazine. In each episode, we dive into liquid culture, exploring the people, places, and flavors of the drinkscape through conversations about cocktails, coffee, beer, spirits, and wine.

Shannon Tebay is familiar to American cocktail drinkers from her time behind New York City bars including Death & Co., where until recently she was head bartender. This summer, she moved to London to assume a new role as head mixologist for The Savoy Hotel, and head bartender for its American Bar, one of the world’s most historic and celebrated cocktail bars. For this episode, we chat with her about what led her to accept the new position, the significance of being the first American to head the American Bar and the first woman to head the bar in nearly a century, and what she has planned for the bar and its cocktails. 

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