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Becky Paskin

Radio Imbibe Episode 18: Becky Paskin

The drinks journalist and co-founder of OurWhisky discusses how the whisky industry can forge a path toward greater equity and inclusion.

Radio Imbibe is the audio home of Imbibe magazine. In each episode, we dive into liquid culture, exploring the people, places, and flavors of the drinkscape through conversations about cocktails, coffee, beer, spirits, and wine.

Our March/April 2021 issue dives deep into the world of Scotch whisky, with explorations of the spirit’s history, its diversity of regions and styles, and the people helping to shape whisky’s future. Becky Paskin is a veteran drinks journalist and the former editor of, and a co-founder of OurWhisky, a global campaign to champion diversity and inclusion in the whisky industry. In March 2021, OurWhisky released its inaugural report, Women & Whisky: Female Representation in Social Media Marketing. For this episode, we talk with Becky Paskin about the need for such efforts, the changes underway in the world of Scotch whisky, and how the whisky industry can move ahead on a path toward greater equity and inclusion. 

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