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Travis Tober

Episode 52: Travis Tober, Nickel City, Austin

The Texas bar owner talks about the ubiquitous Ranch Water.

In our July/August 2022 issue, Kate Bernot explores the backstory of Ranch Water, the tequila-based Texas cocktail that’s enjoying a moment in the spotlight. For this episode, we talk about the appeal of Ranch Water with Travis Tober, owner of Nickel City in Austin and Fort Worth (and an upcoming location in Houston), and of Old Pal Texas Tavern in Lockhart. 

Nickel City’s Ranch Water

1 1/4 oz. blanco tequila 
1/4 oz. fresh lime juice 
1/4 oz. orange liqueur (Nickel City uses Cointreau) 
Chilled Topo Chico 

Glass: chilled mug or highball glass 
Garnish: coarse salt, Tajin 

Moisten the rim of the serving glass with the cut edge of a fresh lime, and dip the rim in a small dish containing a mixture of coarse salt and Tajin. Shake to remove the excess, and chill the glass for serving. To make the drink, add the first 3 ingredients to the prepared glass and top with chilled Topo Chico.  

Adapted by Travis Tober for Nickel City, Austin/Fort Worth 

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