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No. 45: Sept/Oct 2013




    The Professor, Cheering Mule, Manteca Mule, D.C. Mule, Egg Flip, Doc Holiday, That's the Jam, Divide and Concord, Sparrows in the City, P&P, Bridging the Pond, Black Dog Sour, Andy's Parlor, Sam Malone, Wuthering Heights.


    Homemade Perry


    Cider and Butternut Squash Brisket


    The United States of Beer

    From Maine to California, a coast-to-coast journey of American craft brews.

    Sleeping Beauty

    With its wine-like complexity, pisco is a South American jewel poised to be discovered by adventurous drinkers.

    The Changing Roles of Sommeliers

    As fine dining goes the way of the expense account, the role of the modern sommelier may be shifting to something less glamorous, but a little more real. Read More »

    Where There's Smoke, There's Coffee

    The earthy allure of wood-roasted coffee beans.

    Star Power

    Nashville's fast-rising cocktail culture is shaking things up in Music City. Read More »



    A long-lost whiskey formula finds its way back to the bottle, three twists on the classic Mule, and brewers turned TV stars Martin Dickie and James Watt on oddball ingredients, inspiration, and the homebrew hobby that started it all.

    Old Fashioned

    Dave Wondrich turns his spyglass on an ale- and rum-based Flip.

    Taste Test

    Uncapping colas for flavors both nostalgic and new.


    Bar trays that combine form and function for easy entertaining.


    In cocktails, Concord grapes offer a classic taste of summer.


    RateBeer's Joe Tucker has built a beer-review website for—and of—the people.

    Mix It Up

    Bottle up a favorite fall fruit with DIY perry.

    Scene Scout

    Where to drink in hip, historic Richmond, Virginia.


    Red wine and apple cider make for a sumptuous fall brisket.


    Local jasmine rice makes Beer Lao a quaff not soon forgotten.

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