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Imbibe’s May Kickstarter Campaign Watch

We’re constantly keeping an eye on the latest drinks ventures happening on Kickstarter, and since our last roundup of campaigns, we’ve seen a whole new crop of projects pop up. Here are seven we’re especially interested in at the moment. 

Timothy Daw and Ethan Terry believe that what’s on the outside of a spirits bottle should be just as beautifully crafted as what’s inside. Both work in the restaurant and bar industry in the bay area and saw thousands of bottles thrown away every week. With a background in sustainable design, Daw realized he could upcycle wasted bottles into gorgeous reusable bottles for use in home bars. Now, the duo collects bottles from bars and restaurants around San Francisco and transforms them with art deco-inspired etchings. They’re hoping to raise enough money to build their own etching facility and grow the business. With 10 days to go, they’re more than halfway to their $20,000 goal.Click here for more info.

Natalie and Whitney have the roaster and the vision, and now they need a food truck to make their philanthropic dreams come true. They hope to help underprivileged youth in their local community in Bozman, Montana, learn entrepreneurial skill by teaching them to run a small business. Namely, the Milk + Sugar coffee truck. Great coffee and a good cause? What’s not to love. Click here for more info.

Small Batch Beer Co.
In a similar vein, we love that people are finding ways to brew delicious beer for a good cause. With such a strong vision and such impassioned voices behind them, it’s no surprise that Small Batch has already raised nearly $20,000 of their $25,000 goal. Want to help them get to the finish line? Click here for more info.

You’ve heard of kombucha, now meet it’s Turkish cousin, Kefir Pop. Brewer Paul David makes this light, naturally carbonated, pineapple and ginger infused drink in very small batches in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. According to David, the drink is packed with naturally occurring B vitamins, vitamin K, folic acid and probiotics. Want to see David’s Kefir Pop flowing from a tap near you? Click here for more info.

There’s no beating around the bush as Brad Feather opens his Kickstarter video by saying “I want to make the best tonic water in the country.” By tonic water, he means tonic concentrate, a recipe that he’s been working on since college. In order to get his tonic to the thirsty masses, he needs an FDA-approved kitchen and a way to get it to you. Click here for more info.

Pecan Liqueur from Texas
Made from pecans from the Texas Hill Country, this liqueur from Texan Jeff Schmulenwas inspired by liqueurs he tasted while living in Italy. Later, living in Texas, he began to experiment with his own formula and eventually came up with what he calls “Pecaño.” Though he likes to drink it neat, he says it’s also delicious over ice cream. Click here for more info.

Linea Caffe in San Francisco

The latest project from Andrew Barnett (founder of Ecco Caffe) and Anthony Myint (Mission Chinese Food) combines two levels of deliciousness. There will be waffles—really good ones. And there will be coffee—really great coffee. Plus, the café will reflect its home in the Mission district and be a contributing force in the neighborhood. Click here for more info. 

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