Grapefruit-Juniper Soda

Dried juniper berries and fresh grapefruit lend a bitter botanical edge to this soda syrup.

16 oz.  hot water
16 oz. plus 1 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. dried juniper berries
1 grapefruit, juiced
4 oz. club soda
Tools:  fine chinoise or cheesecloth, vegetable peeler, muddler
Glass:  pint

Make simple syrup by mixing the boiling water with the sugar, stir until the sugar fully dissolves. Peel grapefruit with a vegetable peeler. It should have the outer layer of grapefruit skin with as little pith as possible. Muddle the dried juniper berries with 1 tablespoon of sugar. Add the grapefruit peels and juniper mixture to hot simple syrup. Allow peels and berries to steep overnight in fridge. Add grapefruit juice to syrup, strain through a fine chinois strainer or cheesecloth. Add 2 oz. of the syrup base to the bottom of glass, top with ice and fill with club soda.

The Majestic, Alexandria, Virginia