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Where would cocktails be without the Hawthorne strainer? Patented in 1892 as an adaptable and more efficient alternative to the julep strainer, the Hawthorne—with its curved or circular coil, perforations, and prongs—was created to deftly filter out ice, seeds, and other debris while simultaneously fitting a variety of barware. Modern strainers emphasize an attractive form as much as function, whether they’re intended for behind-the-bar or home use. 

The Cocktailery Silver Aperture Strainer

This Charlotte, North Carolina, barware supplier is known for their design-forward, professional-grade tools. The perforated cross pattern on this otherwise classic stainless-steel strainer leaves ice and debris behind, while the stabilizing wings ensure a controlled pour from a shaker or glass. This understated rendition is ideal for cocktails that don’t necessitate heavy filtration and is a steal at less than 20 bucks. $13,

Bull in China Powder-Coated Strainer

Founded by bar professionals, this Portland, Oregon, company creates commercial-quality barware that looks anything but utilitarian. The clean industrial design on these original strainers, available in an array of powder-coated shades, are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. The low-profile design, abbreviated handle, and wider body make for better maneuverability and a tighter fit on mixing glasses and shaker tins, while the dense coil ensures drinks are free of detritus. $26,

Koriko Gold-Plated Strainer

Designed in collaboration with bartender and spirits educator Don Lee, this workhorse strainer from Cocktail Kingdom was made for heavy use with standard and large mixing glasses. Tight coils keep your drink clean, while the snug, flexible fit and split opening make for flawless split pours. $25.99,

Absolut Elyx Copper Hawthorn Strainer

Beautifully rendered in copper-plated stainless steel from Swedish luxury vodka brand Absolut Elyx, this engraved strainer looks more keepsake than bar tool thanks to its craftsmanship and retro damask pattern. The fine gauge coils circling the full perimeter filter out seeds, leaves, and ice shards for a cleanly strained cocktail every time. Just be sure to wash and dry it thoroughly to prevent tarnishing. $29,

Yukiwa Gold-Plated Triangle Strainer

This modern, triangle-shaped strainer comes from revered Japanese barware brand Yukiwa. Made from gold-plated stainless steel, the compact design works well in hand and features a stable coil made to fit a variety of mixing and drinking glasses. The compact design sans handle tucks away easily for storage and portabilility. $34,

Mover & Shaker The Smuggler Strainer

Cocktail aficionados and sci-fi fans alike will appreciate the handmade Star Wars–themed bar tools from industry favorite, Mover & Shaker. Each design is cut from a single piece of stainless steel for durability and is dishwasher-safe. When the mood strikes, grab this rendition of the Millennium Falcon to strain your next batch of cocktails in less than 12 parsecs. $55,

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