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2017 Coffee Bar of the Year: Methodical Coffee, Greenville, SC

Not long ago, you could count the number of specialty coffee shops in Greenville with one finger. Since 2004, Coffee and Crema had been the main game in town, credited with building the city’s awareness of quality coffee. But as Coffee and Crema’s run came to an end in 2015, a new café was set to take Greenville’s coffee to the next level.

That February, David Baker, Will Shurtz and Marco Suarez opened Methodical Coffee in a gorgeous, airy space downtown. Their timing was impeccable: Despite Greenville’s size and diverse population, the city had yet to host a third-wave coffee shop—a café combining stellar coffee, design and hospitality. Methodical quickly filled the void.

“Greenville is a growing town with big aspirations, and a coffee shop like you’d find in a bigger city was definitely desired,” Suarez says.

On any given day, you’ll often find Shurtz (a 24-year- old Greenville native) behind the bar pulling espresso shots or prepping pour-over (when he’s not roasting the coffee), always with his trademark smile and friendly demeanor. The attention to detail is obvious, from art-adorned lattes and housemade syrups to the beautiful pour-over brewers and siphons, Blue Willow cups and dishes, and apron-clad baristas who know regulars by name.

The focus on community is just as evident: Public cuppings and classes happen regularly, along with pop-ups and collaborations with nearby businesses. Demand has been so great that Baker, Shurtz and Suarez have begun roasting and bottling their own cold brew (they even have a cargo bike with a built-in cold-brew tap), though they still plan to feature coffees from other roasters. “We love introducing people in our town to other roasters,” says Suarez. “We see it as an opportunity to educate our community about the vast varieties of coffee. Most people still think coffee is coffee is coffee.”

The trio may open additional cafés if they can find the right locations (and time), but for now, they’re focused on elevating their current efforts and inspiring others to do the same. “We see our part as helping to set the bar for excellence and helping others meet the bar,” says Suarez.

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