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5 Reasons We’re Glad it’s Summer

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg

The cold, wet blanket of spring has finally lifted, and we couldn’t be more excited about the summery days ahead—and the drinks we’ll be sipping to cool off. From sunshine-ready sippers to frozen boozy treats, here are five reasons we’re thankful summer has arrived.

Imbibe’s New Issue Is Out! Now that our Summer Drinks Issue has launched, we can finally kick back and drink in all it has to offer. From garden-fresh cocktails to summer’s best sparkling wines, this summer promises to be one of pure refreshment. And we want to see which drinks from the issue you’re making at home! Upload your Instagram pics and tag #MixtheMag—we may share your photo!
Cold Coffee. Here at Imbibe HQ, we drink a lot of coffee. So when the weather heats up, we trade our hot brews for cold ones. Iced coffee easy to make at home (click here for instructions), or you can just reach into your grocer’s cold case and twist the cap on one of the numerous pre-bottled cold-brews now available (here are some of our favorites).

Smashes. We’re declaring this the summer of smashes. As adaptable a cocktail style as they come, smashes typically involve muddling fresh fruit or herbs, a spirit of your choice and lots of ice. Our Summer Drinks Issue features eight frosty favorites, or try mixing up this one or this one.
Taking the Party Outdoors. Summer is the season of backyard barbecues and picnics. We rounded up six of our favorite outdoor-ready bags and baskets in the current issue (including this fun tote), and we’re already packing them full with these pre-batched libations.

Frozen Boozy Treats. Piña colada popsicles? Yes, they exist, and yes, they are ridiculously good. We went about creating a frozen boozy sweet treat that would stay as true to the taste of the original cocktail as possible, and after several test batches (it’s tough work, people), we found the maximum amount of rum we could add while still getting the pops to freeze solid. Make them now—you can thank us later.

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