Sam Calagione Q&A

As the founder of Dogfish Head brewery and the guy behind cult beer favorites like the 60- and 90-Minute IPAs and Raison D’Etre, Sam Calagione has spent more than 15 years crafting brews that continually garner him legions of fans around the world. He’s been profiled in everything from The New Yorker to Inc., and even has his own show Brew Masters on Discovery Channel, but here (in his own words) are five things you might still be surprised to learn about one of America’s most unabashed brewers.

1. “I graduated from college but never graduated from high school because I got kicked out in March of my senior year.”

2. “My favorite imported beer is Saison DuPont.”

3. “I take a bath pretty much every night and sleep like crap unless I do.”

4. “I’m brewing a beer on Thursday with African tree bark.”

5. “I once man-hugged Adam Avery (of Avery Brewing) and he tried to tongue kiss me.”