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Since our launch in 2006, Imbibe has received national media attention and continues to generate buzz around the Internet and blogosphere. Here are a few highlights from our press coverage.


“Drinkers, this mag’s your im-bible.” —Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"In a sea of wine publications, Imbibe stands out. There's more to food and drink than wine and pairing food with wine and the magazine stays true to that with their tag line: 'liquid culture.'" —Food Network (Canada)


“Finally a magazine devoted to all things drinking. Launched in May [2006], this fresh-faced, Portland-based crew fills a niche for drinks coverage that’s hip without the snobbery. In seven short months, Imbibe Magazine cast a wide net into the fringes of the beverage industry and found absinthe, coffee bean auctions and bartenders resurrecting the art of the cocktail all over the country. Bi-monthly and worth every penny.” —The Reader, Omaha, Neb.


“Hipsters love their cocktails. And their coffee. And their import beer. It was only a matter of time before some publishing mastermind cashed in on this infatuation. We say cheers to Imbibe magazine, the indispensable guide to all that’s fit to drink." —IN Magazine


“Whether your preferred tipple is tequila, tea or gewürztraminer, Imbibe, the self-described ultimate drinks magazine, has something for you.” —Boston Herald


“If you really stop to think about it, there are only a few things that everyone on the planet does, just about every single day: We all breathe. We all sleep. We all eat. And everybody, everywhere, drinks, be it water or wine, Coca-Cola or coffee, milk or martinis. But while niche publications aimed at cigar aficionados and cat fanciers have flourished on newsstands, drinking, so second-nature, has never had its own publication... Now there’s Imbibe, available at a Barnes and Noble or a Borders near you.” —Associated Press


“This title is the print equivalent of a few drinks with close friends: it’s fun, warming and easy to get attached to.” —Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine


“While most food publications usually have an article or two on wine, cocktails or other beverages, this new magazine covers nothing but drinks. Imbibe’s premiere issue hits the stands this month with a lively lineup of topics… It’s a smart yet relaxed read that strikes a nice balance between longer articles and fun nuggets 'o news.” —The Oregonian


“It’s about time that a drinks-oriented magazine—something that ranges beyond just wine—has its chance in the spotlight, and it seems like Imbibe is stepping up to the challenge. —


“Imbibe is an upbeat, contemporary magazine that is all about adult drinks and the culture that surrounds them.” —


“If you love food and wine as much as I do, you'll love Imbibe. Lord knows I love a good niche magazine and this is a new favorite.” —design*sponge


“With celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the cocktail going on this month, the launch of a magazine devoted solely to drinks of all types seems just the next step.” —Houston Chronicle


“Alcohol, coffee and other thirst quenchers finally get their proper editorial due as the Portland-based Imbibe Magazine pops up on newsstands all across the nation.” —Willamette Week


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