Next Generation Soda Makers

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Matt Fendley, Brandon Wogamon and Mick Matricciano from Cannonborough Soda.

In the current September/October print issue, contributor John Kessler explored the “top of the pops”—the most exciting and progressive soda makers around the country. Here are the players to watch as the category continues to expand.

Brooklyn Soda Works
Brooklyn, NY
A familiar sight at New York farmers markets and festivals, Brooklyn Soda offers flavors such as Pineapple and Sage, or Red Currant and Shiso.

Cannonborough Beverage Co.
Charleston, SC
Cannonborough features an array of seasonal flavors such as Lemon Laurel and honey Basil.

Dickie’s Ginger
Vancouver, BC
Dickie’s combines three simple ingre- dients: ginger, lemon and sugar. Cur- rently available locally in vancouver.

Gents Original Ginger Ale
Lexington, KY
This grown-up soda is available at bars, restaurants and markets in kentucky.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer
Seattle, WA
What started as a bar mixer is now a retail operation with two storefronts and distribution in restaurants and markets.

Rambling House Soda Co.
Columbus, OH
Rambling offers soda-fountain favorites in flavors like Sarsaparilla, Lime-Grape and Columbus Cola with citrus, cinnamon and kola nut.

Rogue Soda
Newport, OR
Long a familiar name in the beer world, Rogue now makes sodas in flavors such as Pumpkin Spice and Citrus Cucumber.

Seattle Seltzer Company
Seattle, WA
Celery and Orange sodas made by Anna Wallace.
Spruce Soda

Spruce Soda
Minneapolis, MN
Botanically brewed Ginger Beer and hopped Cola are available in the Twin Cities.

Swamp Pop
Lafayette, LA
Sodas such as Filé Root Beer and Praline Cream play off the flavors found in Cajun/Creole cooking.

Waynesville Soda Jerks
Waynesville, NC
Fresh, seasonal ingredients flavor their sodas, including their popular Concord Grape.

Atlanta, GA
This krog Street Market food stall serves inspired sodas from Kathryn Fitzgerald, many flavored with local and foraged ingredients.