The Gustavo Tequila Cocktail

gustavo tequila cocktailTequila is a perfect match for peppers and cucumber, and New Orleans bartender David Bliszcz combines them all with fresh lime and orange juice in this refreshing mix. “I wanted to find the middle ground of two personal favorites, cucumber margarita and jalapeño margarita, and so The Gustavo was born,” he says.

2 oz. blanco tequila (Bliszcz uses Azunia)
½ oz. fresh lime
¼ oz. fresh orange juice
1 oz. bell pepper syrup
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: rocks or juice
Garnish: salted rim and cucumber wheel

Rim a glass with salt, fill with ice and set aside. In a shaker, combine all the of the ingredients with ice and shake to chill. Strain into the prepared glass and add a cucumber garnish.

Bell pepper syrup: Make a 1:1 simple syrup. Juice 1 bell pepper, 4 cucumbers, 2 jalapeño peppers (or serranos). Strain. Combine a 4:3 ratio of juice to simple syrup, then add 1 oz. of vodka.

David Bliszcz, The Franklin, New Orleans