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No. 39: September/October 2012


Join the Cult

Meet 50 of the world’s most obsessed-over beers.
WEB EXTRA: A preview of upcoming cult beer releases.

WEB EXTRA: Catch up with some of the country's craftiest brewers.


The Cat’s Meow READ »

Hard to define but easy to love, Old Tom gin has clawed its way back to the cocktail cabinet.
WEB EXTRA: Test your gin IQ.

BONUS RECIPE: Ford Cocktail

BONUS RECIPE: Lowcountry Cocktail

BONUS RECIPE: Pressgang Swizzle

BONUS RECIPE: Spiced Pear Punch

BONUS RECIPE: Tom Terrific


American Beauty

Domestic winemakers are doing vermouth their own way.

BONUS RECIPE: Cucumber Vermouth



Green Day

Japan’s top tea is a taste to behold.

BONUS RECIPE: Matcha Cookies

BONUS RECIPE: Green Tea “Mojito”


Foam on the Range READ »

In Denver and beyond, Colorado’s beer pioneers are still blazing trails.

WEB EXTRA: Exploring Colorado’s best far-flung breweries.



Uncorked A sublime pear liqueur, five places to tap a fresh cask ale, and Deb Perelmen on neighborhood baristas, food dye disasters and her favorite flavors of the season.

BONUS RECIPE: Orchard & Vine

BONUS RECIPE: Poire Gin Martini

BONUS RECIPE: Apple Cider Caramels

WEB EXTRA: Cask ale festivals from coast to coast.

WEB EXTRA: Where to score a killer cask ale.

WEB EXTRA: Q&A with cicerone Greg Engert.


Old Fashioned David Wondrich on the civilized but not dainty Claret Cup.


Taste-Test Crus Beaujolais prove they’re anything but nouveaux.


Gear Which electric kettles can withstand the heat?


Elements In a nod to colonial times, bartenders are taking another look at Madeira.

BONUS RECIPE: Double Platinum




Characters Youngest brewer, fastest swimmer—Meg Gill loves to break a record. READ »


Mix It Up DIY Bloody Mary mix equals garden-fresh goodness.

BONUS RECIPE: Pickled Okra

WEB EXTRA: Don’t have time to make your own Bloody Mary Mix? Check our top picks for bottled versions.


Scene Scout Craft cocktails make themselves at home in Columbus, Ohio.

RECIPE: Room With a View


Cravings Not quite a bagel, not quite a pretzel—this Italian-inspired snack was made for noshing.


Quench Quench Taking the easy road to hard cider.

BONUS RECIPE: Homemade Hard Cider

BONUS RECIPE: Hot Buttered Cider

BONUS RECIPE: Apple Fritters with Cider Caramel and Applejack Sabayon



Cocktails Seraphin, Claret Cup, Corpse Reviver No. 9 Stockyards, Poncha Madeira, Boston Flip, Old Tom Collins, Casino, Hauptmann Cocktail, Begonia, Freedom 75, The Rembrandt, Matcha Rum Fizz, Saxon & Parole’s Bloody Mary


Alcohol-Free Matcha Tea, Homemade Bloody Mary Mix

Cravings Matcha Muffins, Cynthia Nim’s Taralli

How-to Bloody Mary Mix


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