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No. 38: July/August 2012


On the Rocks

Eight seriously frosty cocktails for summertime sipping.
BONUS: The importance of ice in cocktails.
BONUS: Our favorite ice cube trays.

RECIPE: Ancestral Spirits
RECIPE: Vermouth Spritzer
RECIPE: East Aspen Heights
RECIPE: Southside Fizz
RECIPE: Kiwicha
RECIPE: Strawberry Shrub Collins
RECIPE: Strawberry Shrub Swizzle


In From the Cold READ »

Once an afterthought, cold-fermented lagers are making a comeback.
BONUS: Which lagers you should be drinking this summer.


Frugally French

Think French wines are beyond your dime? They might just be summer’s best vino deal.

BONUS: How to put together a perfect picnic for under $25 (including French wines).


Snow Days

Fresh, syrup-spiked slushies are still the world’s coolest way to beat the heat.

RECIPE: Put the Lime in the Coconut

RECIPE: Snowgroni

RECIPE: Screaming Greenie

RECIPE: Frozen Ginger Julep

RECIPE: Strawberry Ginger Granizado


One-Two Punch

With its renowned beer scene and a booming cocktail culture, San Diego offers a double dose of drinking satisfaction. READ »

BONUS: Where to get the best coffee in San Diego.

RECIPE: Jalisco Maid

RECIPE: Hautulco Wit



Uncorked A summery grapefruit soda, where to find a perfect Daiquiri, and Adrian Grenier on his latest wine and beer ventures.

BONUS: More spots for scoring a perfect Daiquiri.

RECIPE: Daiquiri No. 3


Old Fashioned David Wondrich on the curiously delicious Barbadian Gin Punch. READ »


Taste-Test Pucker up for tart, fizzy kombuchas.

BONUS: Hyper-local kombucha-makers are on the rise.

RECIPE: Boochmaker

RECIPE: Ginger Rogers


Gear Infusers poised to make the perfect iced tea.


Elements When it comes to cocktails, bright, spunky pineapple is much more than a simple tiki trick. READ »

RECIPE: Pineapple Syrup

RECIPE: Gold Coast Punch

RECIPE: Radler

RECIPE: Charentes Shrub

RECIPE: Mexican Velvet

RECIPE: In Bruges


Characters Nearly four decades in, bartender Murray Stenson is still happy to make you a drink.

RECIPE: Frisco

RECIPE: Last Word


Mix It Up A 19th-century root beer recipe yields a remarkably timeless taste.


Scene Scout A sublime Big City–style cocktail experience shakes things up in Austin, Texas

RECIPE: Joe Buck

RECIPE: Lindsey’s Lament

RECIPE: Pisco Sourgrass


Cravings A mid-summer sorbet gets a tart boost from cherry lambic ale.


Quench The sobering realities of summertime homebrewing.

BONUS: How to make your own Oktoberfest lager.



Cocktails Barbadian Gin Punch, Barbadian Gin Punch Swizzle, Prince of Wales, Iroquois No. 2, Mexican Fix, Grillo Cancion, Sassafras, Daisy’s Rum Punch, That Green Drink, Los Muertos, Cockaigne, Sunday Barter, Pontarlier Julep, Pimientos Dulces, Strawberry Bourbon Fix, IPA Cocktail


Alcohol-Free Homemade Root Beer, Strawberry Tarragon Snow Cone, Breakfast Snow Cone, Raspado de Mango

Cravings Cherry Lambic Sorbet

How-to Homemade Root Beer


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