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No. 35: January/February 2012


Where Everybody Knows Your Name

There’s no place like these seven inspiring home bars.
BONUS: Check out a few more amazing home bars.


Kansas City Here We Come READ »

An ever-evolving drinks culture awaits in the Paris of the Plains.
RECIPE: Klarer Glüwein


The Birds and the Bees

In biodynamics, the moon, the stars and a flock of sheep have everything to do with your glass of wine
BONUS: Get tips for picking a great biodynamic wine.


As American as IPA READ »
With brews as bold as their business plans, U.S. brewers are inspiring a new breed of international beer makers.


Heart of Darkness

Bean-to-bar chocolate makers are putting the craft back in cocoa.
BONUS: Learn about the journey of cacao from bean to bar.
BONUS: See the delicious results of collaborations between boutique chocolate makers and coffee roasters.



Uncorked A Swedish punsch, where to go for steamy hot toddies, and Ruth Reichl on memorable meals and the perfect Martini.
RECIPE: Waits and Measures
RECIPE: Phoenix Down
RECIPE: Spiced Rum Toddy
RECIPE: Presbyterian Toddy


Old Fashioned David Wondrich tells the tale of Joe Redding’s Julep.


Taste-Test Bowing to barrel-aged porters.


Gear Stir like a pro with our favorite barspoons.
BONUS: Get tips for stirring cocktails and choosing a barspoon.


Elements Wake up and smell the coffee cocktails. READ »
RECIPE: Francis the Mule
RECIPE: The Beccaccino
RECIPE: Black Forest
RECIPE: White Russian


Characters Phil Farrell wears his eccentricity—and his rubber chickens—on his belt, but his love for beer is no joke.
BONUS: Read more about Phil Farrell in our fun Q&A.


Mix It Up Easy homemade vermouth makes a splash in cocktail and wine glasses.


Scene Scout Philadelphia’s bean scene is on a roll with Rival Bros Coffee.


Cravings A chocolate mousse pie gets dosed with coffee and rum.


Quench Plying the uneasy earth with an offering of wine in a post-earthquake Chile.



Cocktails Doctor Cocktail,  Joe Redding’s Julep,  Dark Horse,  Johnny Hammersticks,  Occam’s Razor,  Girl From Cadiz,  Bitter Old Coot, Marauder of 15th Street, Homemade Vermouth

Cravings Chocolate Mousse Jar Pie

How-to Homemade Vermouth


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