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6 Tbsp. rice
6 oz. (about 1–1/4 cups) blanched almonds
1-inch canella cinnamon stick
3 strips lime zest, 2 inches each
1 cup white granulated sugar

The traditional way to make horchata is by hand, but to save time, a blender will
suffice. Pulverize the rice using a metate y mano (corn-grinding stone) or blender. Grind the mixture as smooth as possible. Combine the rice with the almonds, cinnamon and lime zest. Let the mixture stand overnight (at least six hours).


Place the mixture in the blender and blend for three to five minutes—until the mixture is smooth and no longer has a gritty texture. Add two cups of water and blend again for a few seconds. Place a large sieve over a mixing bowl, then line the sieve with three layers of damp cheesecloth. Pour in the rice mixture a little at a time and keep stirring to help the mixture go through the sieve. Once all the liquid has passed through, gather the cloth together at the top, give it a twist and squeeze out any additional liquid.

Add two cups of water and stir in sugar to taste. If the mixture is too thick, add more water. Cover and refrigerate; the drink should keep several days. Serve in a tall glass over ice. Serves six to seven.


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Check out the Destination Oaxaca story in the May/June 2006 issue of Imbibe, where this recipe first appeared, for other recipes and tasting notes.

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