The American Cocktail: 50 Recipes That Celebrate the Craft of Mixing Drinks From Coast to Coast


America has a long and storied history with spirits and cocktails. As immigrants from around the world settled in cities and towns across the country, they brought the culinary traditions that inform the way we drink today. Thanks to the industrious, whiskey-loving settlers of the South, we have Kentucky bourbon country, and if it hadn’t been for nostalgic Italian immigrants, California’s Bay Area might not have experienced its love affair with Italian amari.

While these influences remain as steadfast as ever, America’s melting pot of culinary traditions has also spawned new trends across the country, from the fresh, seasonal cocktails of the West Coast to the classically inspired drinks of the South. What’s more, uniquely American ingredients have found their way into some of the country’s best cocktails, from bacon-infused bourbon blended with ginger ale that was brewed in the country’s oldest bottling facility to a loquat-and-lemon cocktail mixed with vodka made in Texas’s oldest legal distillery.

Now you can experience these drinks for yourself. The 50 cocktail recipes featured in The American Cocktail come from some of the most talented bartenders across the country and feature regionally produced spirits, sodas, fruits and herbs. Whether it’s a marionberry bramble from Jeffrey Morgenthaler in Portland, Oregon or a strawberry julep from Jenni Pittman Louisville, Kentucky, the cocktails that define the American landscape are deliciously diverse. Consider this book your personal cross-country tour of America’s most intriguing regional cocktail flavors, traditions and stories.

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