10 to Try: Booze-Free Drink Recipes

There are plenty of occasions that call for great drinks without the booze. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite zero-proof recipes, and be sure to check out these helpful tips from Clover Club’s Julie Reiner if you want to create your own recipe from scratch.

Eden’s River
Tomato water serves as base for this summery mix, which also features iced matcha, ginger syrup and peach bitters.

Habana Butterfly
Savory rosemary meets sweet pear and apple cider.

Carrot Juice Mocktail
Carrot, orange, lime and ginger beer create a flavor combo of sweet, savory and spice.

Pomegranate Lime Ginger Mocktail
Cranberry and pomegranate juices share the glass with lime and ginger beer.

Tuscan Iced Tea
A tad more involved than your typical iced tea, this version calls on rooibos, lime juice, rosemary syrup and orange bitters.

Cascara Dark & Stormy
Cascara (the dried skins of coffee cherries) anchors this Dark N’ Stormy riff.

The Driver
Harnessing summer’s greenest flavors, a celery and cucumber water lays a cooling foundation for bitter lemon soda.

Early Girl’s Tea Party
Early Girl tomatoes add a sweet, earthy complexity to this mocktail recipe inspired by the Arnold Palmer.

Peach Better Have My Honey
Roasted peach oleo saccharum captures the sweetness of a ripe peach.

Green Tea Mojito
Matcha and mint make for a refreshing mojito riff.

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